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Our crypto bars are similar to classic physical crypto-currency coins.

However, the secret codes are engraved in the metal instead of printed on paper or labels.

And second, crypto bars have two codes that together allow you to recompute the private key. Nobody, even at COINPLUS, has ever had access to both codes. We have implemented the process to engrave and verify both separately.

Each crypto bar is delivered in a tamper-evident packaging, as well as in a luxury presentation box.

The crypto-currency can be easily redeemed using our mobile phone app.


Our creation process ensures that at no time, one person or one computer had access to the full private key.

We first generate and engrave on the bar a secret code which is covered by a tamper-evident hologram. An external company then generates and engraves a second code which is also covered by a tamper-evident hologram.

The address of the crypto-currency bar is then computed using Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC).

The private key, which unlocks the Crypto-Currency, is only computed by the customer when combining both secret codes.

This process is similar to 2FA physical bitcoins, or to BIP38 private keys, but without the risk of losing your password.

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Please contact us for more information on availability. You can only buy a minimum of 5BTC or 100 ETH.

The payment is in euro. COINPLUS will buy the crypto-currencies on a regulated exchange at the market price when we receive the 60% deposit amount. We will send you the final price after that.

We always send the bars uncharged. When you confirm the reception, we load the bar with your crypto-currencies.


The redeem crypto-currency from a bar, first remove both security holograms. It will reveal two secret codes.

Enter both secret keys in the Coinplus application on your mobile phone (Android or iPhone). The app will request a destination address, and once you confirm, the transaction will be published on the network.

The bar will then be empty of crypto-currency.

COINPLUS also provides the algorithm to compute the private key, so that you can implement your app.

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