Tailor-made solution

You want to get your customized solution. Coinplus is the only player capable of giving you so much flexibility in the procedures since Coinplus’s expertise is a process for entering cryptographic codes on all physical media.

This may materialize by setting up a license that Coinplus may grant you in order to let you produce your own SOLOs.

Coinplus bespoke solutions are on many levels and are the most elegant, customizable and safest solutions.

The most elegant because they are physical objects that you select, we study any request for physical media of your choice to know the technical feasibility of registration of cryptographic codes. Personalization can be support-oriented, for example, if you are a consumer goods company, you can adapt your production line to add the necessary elements and turn your products into 'bitcoin accounts for all'. New physical media are already being studied at Coinplus so that these new objects accompany you in your daily life and help you enter the crypto universe.

The most customizable, because you can take part in entering secret codes. For example, if you are an institution or a company, you will also want to master the production of SOLOs and you will generate one of the two codes, or both codes and thus prove to your customers that you have created these supports yourself.

Note that if you are developing a token, a crypto, our SOLOs are the easiest way to address a large number of prospects, subscribers for a lower cost and for a great simplicity of use. Our SOLOs provide a private key from which your prospects, your subscribers can subscribe to your ICO / token sale, and you can also send them a SOLO Bar or a SOLO card according to their level of commitment in your ICO / token sale as welcome gift to house their token / crypto.

The safest, because you can yourself control and / or witness as a witness the registration of one or both secrets, and immediately take away your SOLOs.

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