Getting crypto means you have an account. Having an account means you have a public address and a private key.

What is your public address and private key for?

Your public address allows you to get crypto and your private key to transfer.

To receive cryptos on your public address, you must know and communicate it.

On your SOLO Card, the public address is written either on the front of your SOLO Card, in the 'read only' NFC chip and by reading the large QR Code on the back of the card.

On your SOLO Bar, the public address is listed either on the front of your SOLO Bar or on your SOLO Bar certificate.

You can communicate your public address in the form of letters and numbers or in the form of QR Code.

To get cryptos, you must buy or receive some

Coinplus gives you the option of buying them by credit card or wire transfer, or telling you how to receive them