Coinplus invented the industry’s first physical multi-support. It is a solution of n supports with a n / m rule which makes it possible to create a governance and gives each holder of a support a weight linked to the number of supports that he has.

Example, you can create 10 supports with the rule of 7 out of 10, you can thus materialize your governance by distributing to each person a precise number of supports being understood that 7 supports are necessary to make the redemption of the key and therefore to make a transaction .

There are many advantages and the architecture can be adapted to each company.

SOLO Pro has the advantage of being physical and thus of meeting the obligation to prove the location and ownership of the digital asset.

SOLO Pro Card


SOLO Pro Cards are a solution suitable for all companies wishing to enter into an optimization logic for their digital asset preservation strategy. Electronic solutions have significant set-up and operating costs for very small and medium-sized companies, and yet these companies must observe compliance with the regulations on ownership and the location of digital assets.

SOLO Pro Bar


SOLO Pro Bars responds to two issues, the first is longevity, the second is elegance. Longevity is a problem for certain use cases such as transmission because the duration can be of several ten years and in this case, no digital solution is suitable. Elegance has not been discussed to date in the blockchain sector because players use electronic solutions, and electronic accessories are not by nature elegant.