SOLO Cards are made in France by SELP SAS, which produce 350M cards per year. SELP SAS has the necessary certifications to follow manufacturing processes without compromising data. SELP SAS manufactures bank cards, identity cards, military cards, physical and digital vouchers on behalf of governments, banks, international organizations, telecoms operator or startups.


SOLO Bars made of non-precious metal are bars imported from China with the only elements present being the boundaries of the areas in which secrets 1 and 2 will be engraved, the public address and the serial number of the bar. Once received, the bars are checked and stored.

The SOLO Bars in precious metal, more precisely in 18k gold and or in diamonds, are made in Parisian workshops that work for the largest jewelry houses.

The SOLO Bars 10oz in sterling silver ‘999’ are made in Europe by a company that mint coins and ingots with regulatory approvals.

The SOLO Bars are then placed in a luxury box ready to be shipped.

Once the product has been manufactured and delivered to Coinplus. The registration process for cryptographic codes remains to be followed. This process is described in the ‘patent ’ section.