The crypto neobank


Today, opening a Bitcoin account and funding it is complicated 


You have to select a site among many actors


You have to remember the login and password of your pc profile and wait for the verification by the website


You have to trust this site for the purchase price of your bitcoin and the security of your account.


You must have your usb key, initialize it, write down and archive the 24 secret words of your private key.

With CoinPlus, everything is simplified


1 - Buy your SOLO Card

I'll take my SOLO Card at the tobacconist or on the internet


2 - Buy bitcoin

I buy my 1st bitcoin with my credit card and receives them directly on my SOLO

3 - Make transactions

I can transfer my bitcoin all over the world from my phone

Because CoinPlus is different



Our physical media are resistant and durable over time. And you are sure to be able to read the information on your SOLO even after several years unlike a usb keyImage2.png


Our project is open-source in order to offer you complete transparency


Your SOLO is very secure because no one has a backup. But if you lose your SOLO you will have lost everything. So if you are not comfortable with the risk of losing your SOLO, choose a more sophisticated solution, choose the SOLO Pro



You can offer, transmit your SOLO to a loved one, a colleague, or a classmate. For an event, you can also customize a series of SOLO

Ultimately, it's up to you to be your own bank


Open an account immediately

Account information is on SOLO
No computer, no usb key
The SOLO is secure


Trust to buy bitcoin

The SOLO is sold "empty" and can also be charged from a credit card. The payment provider has your bank details and is under European regulation. CoinPlus does not have your bank details

Use the account very easily

Spend and transfer simply with your mobile on the blockchain without going through CoinPlus