Depending if you're a Corporate, you organise a Token sale or you are a Reseller

See how CoinPlus SOLO increase your revenue and secure your processes

Corporate SOLO gift cards

Everybody have heard about blockchain and Bitcoin but only a few are educated on that hot topic.
You want to raise the awarness of your colleagues?
Offer them a their first simple and secure crypto account, the Solo Card.


Corporate Vault / Custodian

You need a safe way to accept crypto even if you don't have IT skills. You also need to have a smart way to manage your private key. Solo Pro is the perfect tool to enter crypto space. With Solo Pro have 3 physical supports (cards or bars), with the same public address. Those 3 Solo Pro can be placed in different location or can be given up to three different people. You only need 2 of 3 Solo Pro to redeem the private key.

Compliance Officer

Technical Officer

Bank Custodian

ICO's, STO's, Token sale promotional

Distribute promotional SOLO card to your prospect or contributor, they instantly get a free and secure account to hold your token or coins. The affordable price of the Solo Card ICO is one lowers the barrier of entry of your token sale Design the Solo Card ICO with your brand, you can even ask for a white label option. The inlcuded NFC tag and QR code direclty leads to .... as to keep the best user experience for your contributors.

ICO's, STO's, Token sale Vault / Custodian

You intend to raise a fair amount of money, several millions or dozen of millions mainly in crypto. When you receive so much crypto, you should be well equiped to park them in a cold storage. What is better than a real physical support that is durable, waterproof and not subject to electronic failures? You need the Solo Pro to optimize your storage strategy. Get 3 Solo Pro or multiple set of 3 Solo Pro to improve the allocation of your digital fund. Alternatively of the existing solutions, you can organize the key management with the Solo Pro, either by geographics or by role. Even if you loose 1 of the 3 Solo Pro, you're still safe, 2 of 3 are sufficient to redeem the key.

Founder #1

Founder #2

Legal officer

Reseller increase your revenue

You want to distribute our products as a certified reseller. You will have access to almost the entire product range. From the bars to the cards, you'll be able to answer to your customer's need. The Solo is the simplest way your customer will have to open an account. SOLO is the easiest still secured wallet for them from 10€ (Solo Card), or the more durable from 200€ (Solo Stainless Steel) or even precious metal with silver, gold or diamonds.

About CoinPlus

COINPLUS is a Luxembourgish company created in 2014. The company is located in the Technoport incubator of Esch-Sur-Alzette and is registered under the RC number B0188785; Autorisation d'etablissement n°10058084/1.

Patent pending process

Our process ensures that only the final holder can get the full private key.

We first generate and engrave on the Solo a secret code which is covered by a tamper-evident hologram. An independent regulated third party then processes a second code which is also covered by a tamper-evident hologram. The address of the crypto-asset is then computed using Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC).

The private key, which unlocks the Crypto-asset, is only computed by the customer when combining both secret codes. Our process avoid the risk of losing your password, unlike 2FA physical bitcoins or BIP38 private keys.

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