Crypto Bars

The simplest way to invest in crypto-currencies


Crypto bars are metallic bars on which we engrave secret keys that unlock crypto-currency units. A security hologram covers each code. Currently Bitcoin and Ethereum are supported.

Image description
Image description


You buy it; you hodl it.
There is no need to install software or open an online account.


The bars are made from polished steel, silver or gold.


The private key is computed only during the redeeming process. The companies involved in the engraving process never have access to the full private key.


All the information on the bars is engraved which means no electronic part sensitive to hardware failure and no battery issues. The bar is robust and designed to last. Perfect for long-term investments.

Patent Pending

The patent application describes our process to inscribe cryptographic codes on a physical support in such a way that nobody has ever had access to the full private key.